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Abbotsford Martial Arts

Sun Hang Do Abbotsford brings out the best in members for all areas of life. The goal at Sun Hang Do Abbotsford is to create a martial arts environment that is safe, educational and fun while being a positive experience

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About Us

Abbotsford Martial Arts

Sun Hang Do teaches a positive “I can do it!” mental attitude. Students will increase energy and develop better mental control. This will improve relaxation and develop leadership skills to help focus on the tasks of today’s busy lifestyle. Sun Hang Do training improves physical well-being through proper exercise. By following our proper stretching curriculum, students will be able to rehabilitate their physical problems. Sun Hang Do’s techniques are a combination of both HARD and SOFT movements. All patterns, weapons and self defence are practiced with a focus on these two opposites, working together in harmony.

For all ages

Our Programs

Super Kids Club for martial arts in Abbotsford
Super kids

Focus, concentration, positive attitude and improvement.

Abbotsford martial arts master teaching student introductory moves
Introductory Program

Develop mind and body with increased concentration, confidence, strength and flexibility.

Sun Hang Do's Black Belt Club in Abbotsford
Black Belt Club

High level of quality in all training to prepare for black belt excellence.

Sparring for the Master Club for martial arts in Abbotsford
Master club

Special training in grappling, self defence and weapons sparring.

The General Academy at Abbotsford Sun Hang Do
General Academy

General academy seeks to prepare students for their black belt journey.

Kid's Life Skills Club at Sun Hang Do's martial arts in Abbotsford
Kids life skills club

Encourage and develop social confidence in a before and after school child care program.

Abbotsford martial arts students in leadership program
Leadership Program

Teaching students to develop confidence, decisiveness and compassion.

Community involvement

Sun Hang Do opened its Abbotsford martial arts program in 1995. We display our martial arts program in Abbotsford through many public events like the annual Canada Day parade and are regularly involved in the community by volunteering for PE classes in schools. Our martial arts program in Abbotsford does regular fundraiser events like our women’s self defense by-donation classes to raise funds for charity.


The Experience

We strive to create a positive learning atmosphere with our Abbotsford Martial Arts programs. Members experience and receive a blend of physical conditioning that sets them up for success and confidence both physically and mentally. We have something available for every age group ages 4 and up and cater to individual needs to create the best possible experience for all members.

Strength & Discipline

Sun Hang Do Abbotsford offers a program that helps students develop strength and self-discipline through our training.

Social Confidence

Our programs enable students to have confidence physically and mentally; being physically fit and influenced by a positive learning environment.

Leadership Qualities

Our martial arts program in Abbotsford teaches qualities of honesty, loyalty and integrity - our members are leaders and achievers.

Bring Your Party to Sun Hang Do

Bonus Events

Sun Hang Do also offers a variety of extra events available to anyone. Have an upcoming birthday? Host it at Sun Hang Do! Want to bring our team to your school to teach some PE classes? We can do that! Just ask about what we offer or check out our main website to see all that we offer.

Athletic board breaking in Sun Hang Do's tournament

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Two young children competing in Sun Hang Do's Abbotsford Martial Arts tournament

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Abbotsford martial arts tournament podium

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